Stonegood: a fantastic coverband to sing and rock with!

Stonegood: a fantastic coverband to sing and rock with!

Unique, strange and too crazy to walk around loose, and so they hear on a stage: Stonegood! A coverband but a coverband wich we not had yet. A band who takes the best, the horniest and the fattest hits in Dutch from all catagories (from Jovink, Mooi Wark and Normal untill Ben Cramer and André Hazes) and translates the lyrics a bit one on one and fonetic to Englisch. A but-thight band takes care of an full-worthy rocksound and the singer does the rest (sing, entertain en on-hitsing).

‘In de blote kont’ (Mooi Wark) becomes ‘In the naked count’, ‘Hij was maar een clown’ (Ben Cramer) turns into ‘He was but a clown’ and ‘Brommers kiek’n’ (Jovink) becomes – how simple can it be – ‘Bikers Looking’. Yes, it is wenning but if the amazing turns into a grinlaughing ‘o yes, offcourse, that song’ is the hek from the dam and stands nothing a softly said memorable evening in the way.

This unique and hilarical concept is brought to you by 5 though-wintered topmusicians who played and sang piece by piece in in Holland world-famous bands. Singer Dodo was the frontman of The Singing Freesia’s, guitarist Gorro we still know from Jovink & De Voederbietels, bassist Richard was the driving force behind Mannenkoor Karrespoor, and Multi-instrumentalist John en drummer Big Den were once part of Mooi Wark. In vakterms this is called a ‘super-group’ and that decks in the case of Stonegood quite the load!

What them also so Stonegood makes: de LIVE-show, because their enthousiasm is undersupported by tv’s and LED-shields with the lyrics (Karaoke!) and other, not seldom excitining pics and movies.

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